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Neueste Funktionen der V 1503:

  • Added Alarm (XDWA) as option for most K001 models
  • Updated fault codes
  • Added splash image for 3 pin interface
  • Added new cluster controller support (XKOMBIK46)
  • Added support for R1200RT LC
  • Added support for S1000R
  • Added Satellite Body Controller
  • Added BMSE13
  • Added XASW controller
  • Workaround for Windows 8.1 USB suspend bug
  • Fixed Log file uploads with wifi interfaces were broken
  • Added AutoScan for CAN controllers
  • Added support for all CAN controllers (BMSX, XKOMBI, XSAF, XESA, XEWS, XDWA, XRDC, XBCO, XABS, XBMS)
  • Fixed „Mileage not available“ in AutoScan
  • Added temp and rpm to lambda plot display for BMSE and BMSK
  • Added more KOMBI coding functionality (Time display,Temperature display, Consumption unit, Tyre pressure unit)
  • Added more KOMBI7x coding functionality (Consumption unit)
  • Added more KOMBI46 coding functionality (Time display,Temperature display,Headlight diagnostics,LED type indicators,
    Indicator auto off time,Indicator auto off distance,Alarm LED on time)
  • Fixed a bug where the ‚#‘ character in the username could make it impossible to read datapack
  • Fixed a bug where an incorrect controller name (or Unknown) was displayed for MA24
  • Updated datapack
  • Added support for RnineT
  • Added support for S1000RR HP4 (no SAF support yet)
  • Fixed rear blake bleed on IntegralABS ‚good range‘ not displayed accurately.
  • VIN parsing for Husky
  • Fixed AutoScan bug for BMSC-II
  • Fixed timeout on IntegralABS controller
  • Fixed re-learn instructions not shown for S1000RR
  • Fixed learning of tyre sensors for RDC units with older coding index
  • Added support for new 3pin adapter
  • UDP layer retries added, counting errors and timeout down to 500ms
  • Fixed „too many items“ assertion in adaptions rtv gui
  • Fixed „Unknown“ controller name for ABSN
  • Fixed „Invalid sn length assertion“ for GS-911wifi interface
  • Fixed AutoScan for wifi interface
  • Added wifi device discovery GUI
  • Fixed bug – if non-ascii chars in windows username data pack could not be loaded
  • Optimisations for touch screen devices
  • Added KOMBI18 SRI reset
  • Added KOMBI7x service functions
  • Added Windscreen calibration for scooter
  • Added C600 and C650 scooters and support for their controllers
  • Added ZFE dtc details
  • AutoScan will now try and find an ABS controller even if it did not respond to group command
  • Updated ABS8M variants
  • Added F800GS Adventure
  • Fixed ESA calibration on older models.
  • Added fuel strip calibration
  • Added windscreen calibration
  • Fixed new VIN in REV Limiter panel not added (loop)
  • Fixed wording for rear light output tests and realtime values
  • Layout of ZFE config data improved for reading
  • Bugfix to ZFE Realtime values
  • Bugfix to ABS8M Realtime value
  • ESA Calibration changes to wording
  • Fault codes updated
  • Added F700GS
  • Added F700GT
  • Added ZFE Configuration
  • Added ZFE RTV
  • Added ZFE Output test


  • Service Rückstellung
  • Fehler lesen
  • Fehler löschen
  • Echtzeitdaten lesen/loggen
  • Stellglieder aktivieren
  • Reset Adaptionen

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